What happened to

As part of our continued commitment to supply our customers with the best authentic sports memorabilia we purchased the Bigbluetube website and the remaining stock in March 2007. We have now moved the website to We have the same great products sold by Bigbluetube as well as hundreds of brand new signed items that follow the same principals of quality and authenticity that Bigbluetube delivered.

Who is A1 Sporting Memorabilia?

A1 Sporting Memorabilia is Europe's largest distributor of authentic signed sports memorabilia, and has established itself to become the leading challenger in a global sports memorabilia market. At A1 Sporting Memorabilia, we not only have the highest standards of authenticity but we also combine this with unique products and exclusive arrangements with the biggest names in sport.

Founded in 1995, A1 Sporting Memorabilia was previously owned by Terry and Freda Baker of A1 Sporting Speakers - their close relationship with sports stars through their after dinner speaker agency formed the foundation of A1 Sporting Memorabilia and its vast collection of genuine signed sports memorabilia. In 2007, A1 Sporting Memorabilia purchased the website and its remaining stock, and re-launched the website with the same great products, along with hundreds of brand new signed items that follow the same principles of quality and authenticity that delivered. In 2015 A1 Sporting Memorabilia was purchased by Icons Shop Limited forming the world's largest football memorabilia company.

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