A1 Sporting Memorabilia supports individual charities and also offers signed sporting memorabilia goods to be auctioned for profit at charity events.

The Murry Foundation has been one such charity supported by A1 Sporting Memorabilia – and has received more than £15,000 from the company so far.

Set up by Adam Murry as a not-for-profit, non salary-taking organisation, it provides help to orphaned children around the world by building education centres. It also funds rural and sustainable development, enabling people to build their economy in a manner that respects wildlife and protects habitats.

In September 2006, The Murry Foundation was established as only one of a handful of internationally-recognised and respected institutions in Nepal – and through its partner charity, The Bill Jordan Foundation for Wildlife (registered charity number 1109575), received the highest award for the best wildlife conservation organisation.

A1 Sporting Memorabilia was delighted to help such a charity. Its investment in children will provide hope and education to communities that would never before have dreamed was possible, while a specially-designed curriculum will ensure that generations to come will understand the value of their environment.

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